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Buyer Success

All these forms are all standard NWMLS and Windermere docs preapproved by lawyers and brokerages across WA:

  • 21 Purchase & Sale: This form contains all the basic terms of your offer to the seller. Addenda are added to refine further terms for financing, inspection, title review, etc.
  • 22A Financing Addendum: This shows the seller what type of loan you are applying for and your down payment. This shows your financial strength and provides a time line for application, for seller to request updates, and other terms.
  • 35 Inspection: gives the timing and terms of the inspection
  • 22D Optional Clauses: This catch-all form includes terms of the contract that are not included in the Form 21. Some items are the type of title, seller cleaning, HOA review period, etc.
  • 22T Title Contingency: Sets the timeline to review title report and any supplements.
  • 35E Escalation: This form gives the opportunity to bid higher than your initial offer price, by $ increments set by you, up to a price cap set by you. If the seller has another offer that invokes the use of this form, seller must provide a copy of the competing offer to show how they arrived at the escalated price.

Disclosures from the sellers:

  • Form 17 Seller’s Disclosure: This is to disclose all that the seller knows about their property. The default time for buyer to review is 3 days after receipt.
  • Lead Based Paint: This form is a buyer response to the seller disclosure about lead paint in homes built prior to 1978.

Disclosures from us:

  • Law of Agency: Indicates representation and by signing this form you acknowledge receipt of the Law of Agency pamphlet we are required by law to provide to you.
  • Wire Fraud Alert: There is an extreme increase in criminal activity when money is being wired for real estate transactions. Our office policy is to remind everyone that scamming is at an all-time high and to never, ever wire money unless you’ve confirmed wiring details by proactively calling the trusted company for details. On this form we provide the escrow company contact information and you are encouraged to call us if there are any concerns or suspicions or you are requested to make changes to wiring instructions.

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