Post-Meeting Buyer Information Page

Preparing for Multiple Offers

Mortgage Brokers we like:

Danny Forbes

Maryanne Coffman

All these forms are all standard NWMLS and Windermere docs preapproved by lawyers and brokerages across WA:

  • Form 21 Purchase & Sale: This form contains all the basic terms of your offer to the seller. Addenda are added to refine further terms for financing, inspection, title review, etc.
  • 22A Financing Addendum: This shows the seller what type of loan you are applying for and your down payment. This shows your financial strength and provides a time line for application, for seller to request updates, and other terms.
  • 35 Inspection: gives the timing and terms of the inspection
  • 22D Optional Clauses: this catch-all form includes terms of the contract that are not included in the Form 21. Some items are the type of title, seller cleaning, HOA review period, etc.
  • 22T Title Contingency: sets the timeline to review title report and any supplements.
  • Escalation: We need a description for this one.

Disclosures from sellers:

  • Form 17 Seller’s Disclosure: This is to disclose all that the seller knows about their property. The default time for buyer to review is 3 days after receipt.
  • Lead Based Paint: This form is a buyer response to the seller disclosure about lead paint in homes built prior to 1978.

Disclosures from us:

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